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2023 LCMS District Youth Gathering—Kearney

Friday, November 17 to Sunday, November 19

As we scroll through Instagram and Snapchat we are bombarded with images and videos of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. People are living awesome lives and it makes us second guess our own. The truth is that most of us live pretty ordinary lives. We wake up. We go to school. We do homework. We hang with friends. We spend way too much time on our phones. We’ve got “extra” in our ordinary lives, but its stuff that makes us anxious or sad, things that worry us, scare us, and confuse us. Its extra questions stirring within us and extra pressures all around us. 

Amidst these pressures and questions of life there is an amazing truth: God loves ordinary people. “[extra]ordinary” will lead students through encounters with Jesus who answers questions and calms fears. Students will discover that the love of Jesus is the “extra” that their ordinary needs.

High school students in grades 9-12 and their adult leaders are invited to join other LCMS youth at the 2023 LCMS District Youth Gathering—Kearney. Friends of youth group members are invited and encouraged to attend, too!

The gathering will include an off-site servant event component, giving all participants the opportunity to honor God through service to others in the Kearney community.

Registration information will be mailed to all congregations in August.  To register, contact your congregation’s youth leader or visit the gathering website at here

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